Why is Rug Pad so Important?

Rugs are an essential part of your living room. Not only do they add to the beauty of the room but also offer comfort and warmth. Rugs are also available in beautiful designs and colors. These make your room look more elegant. But one more thing you can add to your room is a rug pad. 

A rug pad is a kind of mat that is laid underneath the rug. It prevents the rug from slipping when stepped on. A rug pad is an essential component to have with a rug. Read ahead to know more about its benefits. 

Benefits of Using a Rug Pad 

A rug pad offers a lot more than just added comfort. Here are some benefits of using a rug pad: 

  1. Prevents the rug from slipping 

Rugs can slip or move when stepped on. This can let the person to even trip over. However, the incident can be avoided if you have a rug pad underneath. The rug pad sticks to the floor and prevents the rug from moving or slipping. This is especially needed if you have pets and/or children in your house. 

  1. Increases rug life 

Rugs can undergo a lot of wear and tear when stepped on continuously. However, this can be prevented or reduced if you have a rug pad underneath. The rug pad reduces the friction between the threads and allows them to last longer. 

  1. Added cushion and comfort 

Rugs are soft and comfortable but rugs with pads are comfier. They have extra cushioning due to the pad and allow you and your family to enjoy it. You can even sit or lay down on the rug without any worries. Children and pets love this comfort the most. 

  1. Reduces cleaning and maintenance 

Rugs can easily trap moisture inside and this can lead to mold and mildew formation. However, to avoid this, you can use a rug pad. These pads are designed specially to allow constant airflow throughout the rug. Thus, this dries the moisture and reduces maintenance. 
Rug pads reduce maintenance but do not eliminate it. You still need to get it cleaned at specific intervals. For this, you can hire expert rug cleaners from The House of Rugs in Houston, Texas. Contact us now to get an estimate.

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