Which Is the Best Option Hand-Knotted Area Rugs or Machine Made Area Rugs?


The majority of people don’t usually identify the quality of their rug when they select it for their home decor. The truth is that most people can’t tell the difference between rugs. The quality of a rug is dependent on a number of elements including whether it is hand or machine made and the quality and type of material used to produce it. Telling machine-made rugs from hand-knotted ones seems like such a complex and difficult task but it is actually a lot easier than most people believe.

Telling machine-made rugs from hand-knotted oriental rugs

Rugs produced by machines have a more defined and clearly perfected design in their weaving. Hand-knotted oriental rugs on the other hand are bound to have designs that are not properly aligned.

Most machines made rugs are made out of synthetic fiber and are usually tagged with information on the same. Hand-knotted rugs on the other hand are made out of natural fiber and in most cases don’t have a tag.

The foundation of machine-made rugs is more clearly visible as a layer of the white fiber under the rug. The machine usually weaves around this fiber which is why it is more clearly defined and characteristic. Hand-knotted rugs on the other hand are woven into the foundation material. For that reason, it appears as part of the rug and is not distinctly separate from it.

Machine rugs are usually super affordable when compared to hand-knotted rugs. This is usually because they take considerably less time to weave. The material used to make machine-made is also significantly stable in comparison to the natural fiber used in the making of hand-knotted rugs.

Machine rugs are more compact and rigid in comparison to hand-knotted rugs. This is because of their close-knit machine weaving.

Which is the best alternative?

When choosing a rug, a lot of things have to be put into consideration starting from the price down to the purpose of the rug. Hand-knotted rugs are the best alternative for places where they serve a more oriental purpose. This is because as compared to machine-made rugs, they do not have as much resistance to wear and tear. Machine rugs on the other hand can be used in places where heavily used is expected. Hand-knotted Oriental rugs are more expensive in comparison to machine-made rugs. If you do not meet the price requirements for a hand-knotted rug, then the machine-made rug can be a replacement.

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