What Are the Things That You Have to Know Once the Rug in Your Woodlands Home Starts Shedding?

Rugs are some of the most subtle yet engaging addition to anyone’s home.

There’s a type of rug for every single person, and there’s a rug design for every single home.

Frankly, we think that having a rug in your home can seriously add a bit of design and structure to your home’s interior. This is why we proudly cater to most of our clients in Houston, Sugar Land, the Woodlands, and more.

Here at The House of Rugs, we believe that beautiful rugs should be accessible to those who want them. For this reason, we sell some of the most beautiful and thoughtfully curated rugs around Texas.

Not only that, but we ensure that each rug we sell comes with cleaning and handling instructions so they can thrive in their new homes.

However, some things might be “out” of our reach, and one of these problems is shedding.

Now, there are various reasons why your rugs might be shedding. Sometimes, this is something that happens to rugs after you have vacuumed them. In this case, that’s completely normal, but if your rug is still shedding after a couple of months, then you should consult a rug specialist and ask why this is happening.

To ensure the safety of your rugs, and to prevent them from shedding, then you ought to follow these steps to ensure the longevity of your rug’s lifespan in the Woodlands, Texas:

1. If you’re going to lightly vacuum your rugs regularly, it’s best to vacuum by going with the grain of the pile instead of going against it.
2. Never use a heavy beater bar when vacuuming, or simply use the vacuum setting that’s closest to the ground.
3. Always use a high-quality rug pad under your rug so they can absorb the shock and reduce any further damage to the pile.

These are simply some tips to ensure that your rugs are safe and that they don’t shed.

Here at The House of Rugs, we’re passionate about all things rugs, and we try our best to keep our clients and their rugs healthy and happy.

So visit us today at The House of Rugs to view and purchase our beautifully and thoughtfully curated rugs!

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