Ways To Take Care of Your Rugs in Katy, TX

Rugs are an irreplaceable part of our homes, pulling everything together and giving an illusion of a fuller yet spacious house. Furthermore, rugs also serve as the very first line of defense in chilly weather protecting your feet from the cold, cold surface. Although rugs are pretty sturdy, however, it’s important to take proper care so that it does not wither away with the passage of time. That being said, below, we have listed out the ways in which you can take care of your rugs for them to last longer than ever before!

Vacuuming at Intervals

Vacuuming is one of the most sought-after and probably the easiest way to clean your rugs at home. Despite the fact that vacuuming is not really accurate, in the sense it does not really deep clean your rugs, however, it is a good way to get rid of the dust, dirt, and other materials from the rug fibers. roper cleaning includes regularly vacuuming your rug on both sides.

Keep It Away from Heavy Furniture

Make it a norm, something you must religiously follow – to keep your heavy furniture away from area rugs. Why? Well, heavy furniture often tends to destroy the fibers present in the rugs and create depressions within them.

Keep Rotating Your Rugs

Often in a room with natural bright sunlight, rugs start fading. Although blinds on your windows or curtains do help with that, however, another great idea is to keep rotating your rugs at certain intervals to help them wear evenly and not just at one spot.

Get Professional Rug Cleaning Help

Whether you are in Katy, TX, or any other part, you must take professional help at certain intervals to ensure that your rugs have a long life. All the aforementioned steps are highly crucial, however, it still needs the professional touch for deeper cleaning.

More so, because professional cleaning helps with getting rid of deep-seated allergens, pet feces stains, and urine, dust mites, among others. Therefore, it’s recommended to get your rugs professionally cleaned by an expert such as The Rug House at an interval of twelve to eighteen months. No rug treatment replaces occasional professional cleaning.

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