Understanding the Oriental Rug Count

The knot count/ knot density refers to the number of hand-tied knots in a specific area within a rug. One must closely examine the rug’s back to examine this knot count. Of course, this means that you need to understand how the rug was made/ constructed in the first place. But what is the significance of understanding the oriental rug count?

Why it Matters

There is more to a rug count than many know. This rug can tell you how fine the rug is, thus helping you make the right decision. It also shows how much detail is on the rug. Usually, the more fine a rug is, the better and more unique its design is.

Your rug can have varying patterns, which can be fine, curvilinear floral, or a less fine, geometric pattern. However, no matter how important the knot count is, it alone cannot determine the quality of a rug. 

There is more to a rug’s quality than its knot count, although this can be a great determinant and indicator of whether a rug is worth it or not. If you are unsure which rug to pick in Houston, TX, consider talking to The Rug House for assistance. These rug experts will direct you on which rug quality you need to get.

The Antique Heriz

Heriz rugs are great masterpieces from Iran and are popular because of their unique and distinguished style. They are probably pricey because of their rich colors and patterns. They are mostly regal terra-cotta reds, creamy accent colors, and clear Persian blues, which are synonymous with the region’s color preferences. You can never go wrong with these rugs.

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