Understanding How Antique Rugs are Made

Most people are unaware of what it takes to develop a great rug. The skills and techniques used to create the best oriental rugs that last a lifetime are passed down to different generations. Usually, these rugs come with a story and have a reason why they were made, not to mention specific original owners. 

Usually, most antique rugs are handmade using natural wool and organic dyes. A close look at oriental rugs shows how each knot was tied since they differ in each rug depending on who made them. You may be buying the beautiful piece but probably have no idea of the process it took to create the masterpiece.

Material Used

Rugs are made of different materials depending on the one making them. However, most oriental rug makers prefer wool from sheep, silk, or alpaca wool. So it starts with making the wool yarn, a process that is intricate and interesting in itself.

The process begins with the shearing of the sheep wool by professional shearers. The sheared wool is then taken to the handling place, where experts separate it with expert eye coordination. Next, they separate whites, blacks, and browns, heaping them differently. After this separation, the wool is carded to make it light and airy and later spun into a wheel into yarn.

Dyeing the Woolen Yarn

Once the yarn is done, natural ingredients are used to dye them in different colors. Usually, fruits and vegetables are boiled for at least 30 minutes to extract the color and strained to extract the pigment. This is then taken through a cold bath by adding water. Wool is then entered into the mix and boiled for 30 to 40 minutes, then bring the mix to simmer for another 30 to 40 minutes until you reach your desired color. Finally, let it dry completely before attempting to use it.

Weaving the Rug

The preparation of the yarn is a long process. However, the weaving is done by hand. Depending on the artist’s design, this process can take a long time. The rug’s size can also influence how long it takes. Most artists take months to a year to complete one large rug since the weaving is done knot by knot. Therefore, it is not surprising that these rugs cost a lot of money when done. However, they will always be unique and different. Get your piece from the Rug House in Houston, TX.

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