Types of Rugs and Weaving Styles 

Rugs are the basic foundation of a space decor plan. It is the basis of any floor plan in interior decor and styling. It serves several purposes and can be instrumental in decorating a space. Understanding the different weaving styles and types of rugs is important as it helps pick the right rug for your space.

Hand-Knotted Rugs

These are basic Persian rugs that are handcrafted. The traditional rugs have individualized knots using a yarn of choice, mostly wool. Unfortunately, this process takes longer because of the warping process.

Hand Loomed and Flat Weave

These rugs are made on a loom and may involve one to 4 people depending on the rug’s size. The weaving process is called flat weave and differs from the hand-woven process. The technique used helps achieve a fuller look.

Hand Tufted Rugs

These rugs turn out mostly like the loomed rugs; only that different techniques are applied. It starts with a cloth as the foundation instead of a wrap. The foundation cloth is pre-woven and has squares.

Hand-Hooked Rugs

These are constructed using both a foundation cloth and rug hook. The technique makes individual loops.

Flat Weave Rugs

It is also possible to make flat weave rugs with a knot and not just use a loom, and-knotted flat weave rugs resemble Persian rugs. The Persian knot is used in this weaving, but the knot continues instead of being cut after the second loop.

Programmed Rugs

These are machine-made rugs that can use any techniques mentioned above. However, the technique is fed into a machine and instructed to produce the rug. Only the Persian technique cannot be replicated with this style. However, programmed Rugs can be mass produced, unlike most other styles that need time to complete single rugs.

If you are unsure which type of rug to go for, have The Rug House experts in Houston, TX, assist you. It is a matter of preference and affordability. All the rugs are functional and practical but have varying aesthetic value and longevity.

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