Tips to Clean Your Silk Rug in Houston, TX

Silk rugs are elegant for any space they are laid. Unfortunately, these luxurious rugs are easily prone to staining. Their delicateness makes them stressful to handle, especially if you do not know how to go about it. It is important to know the dos and don’ts with silk. These are some tips that experts from The Rug House in Houston, TX and other professionals are likely to recommend.

What to Do and Not Do With Silk Rugs

The following are some of the few things you need to keep in mind regarding silk rugs.

  • Do not use enzymatic cleaners since silk is a protein, and the cleaners will damage it.
  • Avoid heat when cleaning silk. It tends to shrink and become dull when exposed to heat.
  • Keep the rug away from dampness. Moisture ruins the silk fiber, so never soak the rug in cleansing solution and water, as never steam the rug.
  • Never rub or wring the rug as this damages the fiber
  • Don’t bleach with chlorine, as it leads to color loss and destruction of the fiber.
  • Avoid placing the rug in places with high traffic.

Tips to Clean Silk Rugs

  1. Vacuum using brushless suction to avoid damaging the rug’s fiber. If you must sweep, do it gently with the fibers in mind.
  2. Scoop the large debris from the silk rug carefully before tacking any stubborn stains. Soak a soft cloth in the cleaning liquid and dab the stained parts on the silk rug to remove the stubborn stains. You can also use vinegar to soak the dirt. Be careful not to use too much moisture on the rug as this destroys the fiber.
  3. Neutralize Stain Color and Odor. After cleaning, the odor and stain persist; use baking soda to remove the remaining odor and stain. Next, vacuum the baking soda residue and use club soda on the cleaning cloth to dab the place again. Finally, use a dry cloth to dab off the excess moisture.

The above are a few techniques to help you clean your silk rug at home. However, if there are no emergencies, it is advisable to have it professionally cleaned.

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