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Rug care for your Oriental or Persian rug is the most important thing you can do to improve the lifespan of your rug. When spills or stains take place, it is very important to clean them as soon as possible from further damaging your rug. We have compiled a list of common household stains and how to treat them. Please read the following to help minimize or prevent permanent damage.

Coffee, Tea, Soft Drinks, Beer, Wine, Vomit, Urine, Excrement,

Pet, Kool-Aid, Mold, Dye-Stains, Discoloration

Mix 1 tablespoon mild detergent, 1/3 cup white vinegar, 2/3 cup water.

Remove excess material by absorbing liquids and scraping semi-solids.

Apply solution, blot the carpet, and gently brush pile.

Apply many layers of toweling over the affected area, weight down, leave until dry.

Egg, Milk, Blood, Candy, Ice Cream, Chocolate, Sugar, and Salad Dressing Mix

Mix 1 cup water, 2 tablespoons ammonia, 1 tablespoon mild detergent.

Remove excess material, absorbing liquids, and scraping semi-solids.

Apply solution, blot the carpet, and gently brush pile.

Apply many layers of toweling over the affected area, weight down, and leave until dry.

Apply a non-flammable dry-cleaning solvent, dry the carpet, and brush pile gently.

Oil, Tar, Butter, Grease

Remove excess material.

Apply a non-flammable dry-cleaning solvent.

Blot dry, and brush pile gently.

Chewing Gum

Press ice cubes against the spot.

Wait until it becomes brittle and breaks off.

Use a spot remover to get rid of the last traces.

Ballpoint Pen Ink

Saturate the spot with unscented hairspray.

Allow drying.

Brush lightly with a solution of water and vinegar. Blot dry.


Lipstick – Rouge – Nail Polish – Rust – Dried Mustard – Candle Wax

Regular maintenance and stain prevention are key

If you can, vacuum your wool rugs lightly every day. Once a week, vacuum thoroughly, preferably with a brush-and-beater-bar type of vacuum cleaner. A light cleaning consists of three passes with a vacuum over a given area of your Oriental rug: forward, backward, and forward. Complete cleaning of a wool rug takes up to seven strokes. If you are using a vacuum that provides suction only, make sure you use it patiently for proper maintenance. Move the vacuum cleaner gently across your Oriental rug to allow the suction to remove embedded soil particles. For the best possible wool rug care: Try to vacuum across the rug extra gently — half at a time instead of up and down. You will be less likely to catch your Oriental rug’s fringe in the vacuum head — plus, vacuuming across is much simpler because it floats your vacuum down the rug.

Cleaning Wool Rugs

After five years of usage, all Oriental wool rugs are ready for professional, thorough deep rug washing. For special cleaning of a wool rug, send your rug to us. We will clean its interior and exterior as well as the fringe. We will moisturize, rejuvenate, and restore the wool. We also inspect your rug for needed repairs and let you know if any damage or problems has occurred.

Special Wool Rug Care Recommendations

• Fabric protector is a great stain guard, especially on light-colored rugs, wall-to-wall carpet, and furniture. We highly recommend it!

• Moth-proofing is a must if you want to safeguard against insect damage in your wool rugs while in storage or in use.

• Deodorizing is an extremely effective treatment against recurring animal odor to keep your rug in a safe, clean, hygienic condition.

Rug Padding

Use a high-quality, non-skid, pad if your rug rests on hardwood, tile, terrazzo, or hard-surfaced flooring. This would be used as a shock absorber for your rug. When using rugs over wall-to-wall carpeting, no underlay is needed since the wall-to-wall carpet acts as a cushion. If, however, your Oriental rug starts wrinkling or bunching up, a special rug stabilizer can be placed between your rug and the carpeting. This solves the problem.

Rug Placement Recommendations

Avoid direct exposure to hot sunlight (especially in summer) by closing your curtains or blinds; this will help protect the colors in your rug. If placing near a fireplace, be sure to use a hearth screen to keep sparks from damaging your rug.

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