Three Things You Have to Know When it Comes to Outdoor Rugs

When you think about outdoor rugs, you instantly think about outdoor spaces like our patios, decks, or even an area where furniture sets are placed outside.

Naturally, outdoor rugs can easily complement these outdoor spaces as long as the rug is used as an accessory that ties the space together. Plus, it’s best to have that stark contrast against the rest of your outdoor space to produce that eye-catching focal point.

Although, there are things that each homeowner has to consider and know before purchasing an outdoor rug.

Here at The House of Rugs, we want to let you in on a little secret – after all, rugs are our specialties, and we want you to have the best experience with them.

So here are three things that each homeowner has to know when it comes to outdoor rugs:

  1. Choosing the material of the rug is the most important thing.

Before choosing a rug based on its design, it’s always best to check and inquire about the material used to create this particular outdoor rug. We have to think about this because certain conditions outside are harsher than indoors, so this rug will likely experience rain, sunshine, and excessive dirt.

It’s best to go for outdoor rugs made from natural fibers like jute and sisal because they can handle harsher weather better than cotton and wool. Plus, they’re a type of organic material derived from plants that can withstand outdoor temperatures.

  1. It’s best to know how to clean, maintain, and care for your outdoor rugs.

When choosing to put your rugs outside, it’s best to understand that they will be susceptible to excessive dirt, stains, and even spillages. It’s practically inevitable.

This is why it’s best to know how to clean the rugs that you have in accordance with their material. Plus, it’s also best to be in contact with a rug cleaning service that you trust – there are countless rug cleaning services in Texas; all you have to do is find the one that works well for you.

  1. Contrary to popular belief, outdoor rugs can also be used indoors.

Some types of outdoor rugs are marketed as “outdoor” rugs because of their materials, but it doesn’t mean that you have to take them outside. More often than not, these rugs can also be used indoors if you think they’re going to add that bit of rustic or zen feel to your personal indoor space.

After all, it is your home, so what’s stopping you from doing so?

Here at The House of Rugs, we’re passionate about all things rugs, and we want to give our clients the best options for their personal spaces. We have some of the best outdoor rugs that you can find in Texas, so you’ll know where to go should you need one.

The House of Rugs serves clients around Houston and the Woodlands, Texas, and you can visit us today to browse through our current collection.

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