Things You Need To Do About Rug Shedding In Katy, TX

Getting rid of spills, shedding and stains are as simple as avoiding eating and drinking on your rug. Wear socks or slippers to minimize the possibility of tracking dirt into your home when you enter. Take your shoes off while entering your home. For a rug to look its best, vacuum it regularly. Caring for your rug will definitely help, but it doesn’t substitute for regular and deep cleaning by professionals like The Rug House in Katy, TX.

How to Clean Stains and Spills On Your Rugs?

The best way to avoid spills is to wipe them up as soon as possible with a paper towel or white cloth. Start blotting the spill from the outside edges of the spill and move inwards towards the center, this will prevent it from spreading. The use of bleach is recommended. Your valuable Oriental rug should not be treated with liquid or powder detergents. Nothing else but water should be used.

Solutions for Rug Shedding

Vacuuming your rugs regularly helps to prevent staining; To prevent further wear, the pile should be kept free of burrowing insects. Nevertheless, you should also be very careful with your vacuum brush, as some can harm specialty rugs if they’re overused. Instead of rolling over it, use the nozzle when vacuuming.

The rug may need to be moved to another area of the room where there is less direct sunlight. If possible, you should invest in drapes. The rug should be rotated 180 degrees once every year, even after the reduction of sunlight. In addition to preventing uneven sun damage, walking will also prevent uneven wear. By rotating or turning your rug every so often, you can even out the wear on it because in general, you walk in the same area in your home.

Damage by Moths

There are often bare spots in rugs damaged by moth larvae, where the fibers have already been eaten by the larvae. When there is a severe infestation, there will be thin, fine webs covering specific areas of the rug. You may also find waste in the rug pile that looks like sand granules. Taking care of this right away will prevent further damage.

Rugs can be saved in more ways than you think, therefore, it’s important to take professional help from experts at The Rug House in order to avoid any irreversible damage to your precious rugs.

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