The Three-Step Guide to Buying Your First Persian Rug

A great Persian rug is one of the most beautiful and valuable investments you can have in your home. Not only is it a beautiful addition to any room, but it can add that added touch of elegance and luxury to any space you place it in.

Here at The House of Rugs, we have countless Persian rugs in our collection, and we want people to understand the versatility it exudes.

Although, do you know what you’re looking for if you’re going to buy one of the oldest yet finest oriental rugs in the market?

Our team at The House of Rugs have years of experience when it comes to handling expensive rugs like Persian rugs, and we want to teach you what to look for when buying your first rug investment in Houston and the Woodlands, Texas:

  1. Always pick out a unique pattern.

Most oriental or Persian rug patterns consist of a decorative medallion in its center, and intricate and beautiful border designs usually surround it. The best way to help you pick the perfect plan is by looking for subtle nuances in style.

Although you can also pick out a rug from various designs and floral patterns, they are much smaller and less detailed than a usual oriental rug pattern.

  1. Try to match the rug with your room’s color scheme.

If you want to match the rug with your room’s color scheme, then this is something that you can easily do. There are various rugs available in different tones, such as neutrals or earthy shades, and these subtle hues can easily prove the perfect accent to your decorative style.

  1. Keep in mind the material used to create the rug you’re about to choose.

Most of the Persian rugs available in the market are made using an array of materials, but wool Persian rugs can withstand heavy foot traffic, pet accidents, and more. This is why this might seem like the best option if you’re looking to invest in the best Persian rug there is.

There’s a wide variety of Persian rugs in the market, so it’s best to know and follow this three-step process of choosing the best one to invest in.

Visit and reach out to us today at The House of Rugs to know more about the Persian rugs we have in store. We’d be more than happy to walk you through the process of buying and investing in a good rug.

We serve clients around Houston and the Woodlands, Texas.

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