The Best Ways to Take Care of Your Antiques and Area Rugs in Katy, TX

A wall-to-wall carpet can easily be cleaned by properly and thoroughly vacuuming it, however, area rugs are another story. Additionally, some are antiques and hence, are no match for the tough brushes of contemporary-day vacuums. Therefore, they require specific attention and customized cleaning methods. It’s always a good idea to consult expert services like The Rug House in Katy, TX to get proper knowledge and information on the deep cleaning procedures. However, if you can’t we have listed some tips to maintain your antique and area rugs:

· Flat-Woven Rugs- Vacuum those reversible, tightly woven, long-sporting rugs as often as you will carpet them. If the rug is small enough, take it outdoors and shake it, or dangle it over a clothesline and brush it with a tender brush.

· Pile Rugs- Wool pile rugs need to commonly be wet-wiped clean; silk-pile rugs commonly need to be dry-wiped clean, and rugs with rayon pile need to be dry-wiped clean exclusively. Rub a damp white cloth over darkish quantities to test colorfastness before you proceed.

· Shag– For shag or different high-pile carpets, use a canister vacuum. An upright cleaner with a rotating brush can harm shag or entangle them in a loop or pile carpeting.

· Coir, Rush, Sisal, and Split-Cane Rugs-Vacuuming often take out the dust and particles stuck among the fiber and the backside of the rug. For spills, the trick is to first blot and then use an absorbent dry powder.

Although we have mentioned a few ways in which you can clean your antique rugs, it is suggested that you take the help of professional services like The Rug House. More so because an expert cleaning can never replace what we do at our homes. The team at Rug House are well-trained rug professionals who have been in this business for quite some time and are the very best at what they do. You can also schedule a consultation and then check out what fits your needs the best!

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