Repair your Rugs and Restore their Beauty

Rugs are a statement piece of decor for your living rooms and other spaces. They enhance the appearance of your house and also make it look warm and cozy. But, with such beauty comes the issue of wear and tear. Rugs can suffer from wear and tear after extended use. 

However, the good part about this is, that the wear and tear can be repaired. You can repair the holes and loose threads of your rug and make it look new again. Let’s see how that happens. 

Which Rugs can be Repaired? 

While rug repair is possible, not all of them can undergo that process. There are a variety of rugs that can be repaired. Those include: 

  1. Belgian wool rugs 
  2. Custom-made rugs 
  3. Karastan rugs 
  4. Braided rugs 
  5. Couristan rugs 
  6. Zapotec rugs 
  7. Dhurries 
  8. Hooked rugs 
  9. Navajo rugs 

If you don’t know the type of your rug or if the type you have can be repaired, then consult a professional. They can help you determine whether your rug can be repaired or not. 

Rug Repair Explained 

The process of rug repair is explained below: 

  1. Working from edge to edge 

This includes repairing the rug from end to end. You can even make a few changes to the original piece by adding fringes or tassels on the ends of the rug. If the rug had fringes already, you can get them replaced too. 

  1. Side work 

Adding fringes is not the only way to mend the rugs. You can also have side work repairs. This kind of repair needs hand or machine serging that binds the edges of the rug. Hand serging is a recommended process for handmade or hand-woven rugs. Machine serging solves the problem temporarily in such cases. 

  1. Repairing holes and tears 

There are two options when you decide to fix the holes in your rug-hand re-weaving or patchwork. Hand re-weaving is a preferred option as it fixes the hole using the same thread and material. Patchwork will do the job but the patch will be visible. 

Rug Maintenance Services Other rug maintenance services include deep cleaning. You can hire professional rug cleaners from The House of Rugs. Our services are available in Houston and other parts of Texas. Contact us now for more details.

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