Make Rugs the Centerpiece of your House

Are you redecorating your home? If yes, then we have some brilliant ideas for you. You can have a beautiful area rug in the living room of your house. Or if you have an heirloom rug, you can even hang it on the wall. All this enhances your interior and adds a pop of colors and designs to your living space. 

However, rugs are not limited to living rooms or family rooms. You can have them in various areas of your home. Refer to this blog to know more about area rugs and how can you decorate your house using them. 

Selecting the Rug Size 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make while selecting a rug is choosing the wrong size. People tend to measure their living rooms before buying rugs. But the truth is, you need to consider your furniture to find an appropriate rug size. Here are some guiding points for you to make the right choice: 

  1. Measure the sofas 
  2. The rug you choose should cover the full length of the sofa 
  3. Make sure that the rug you choose is 6 inches wider than your measurement
  4. Do not forget to leave some walking space between the furniture. It is advised to leave at least 18 inches of space between furniture.
  5. You can have about 30 to 36 inches of space between two furniture pieces if your living room is wide 

Arranging the Rug and the Furniture 

Before diving into the types of arrangements, you need to be aware of the ideal sizes of rugs available. The ideal rug size you are likely to find is 8 x 10 and 9 x 12. Now, keeping these sizes in mind, you can go for the following arrangements: 

  1. All furniture legs on the rug 

Leave about 6-8 inches on each side. 

  1. Only the front furniture legs on the rug 

Can be a center rug, extending slightly under the furniture. 

Keep the Rugs Clean

No matter the arrangement, if your rugs aren’t clean, your living room won’t look the way it was expected. Thus, to enhance the beauty of your living room, hire professional rug cleaning services from The House of Rugs. Our services are accessible in Houston and other parts of Texas. Call us now for more details.  

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