Know Your Outdoor Rug in Houston, TX

Rugs are versatile. They can be placed outside if you have a patio, furniture place, or deck. Complementary rugs are perfect for zoning out the area and giving it a facelift. Rugs perfectly help you define outdoor spaces by helping tie accessories together like in indoor spaces. Outdoor carpets make a huge difference and contrast against the remaining garden area. It provides a focal point.

Rug Material Matters for Outdoor Rugs

Experts from The Rug Store in Houston, TX, will let you know that there is a difference between indoor and outdoor rugs. Their materials are quite different because of the environments. The outdoor setting must be strong enough to handle the weather elements and last long enough to give you the necessary service. 

Unfortunately, the materials used to make handmade rugs include wool, silk, and cotton, which aren’t ideal for outdoor settings. In addition, one needs to have a roof over these types of rugs to avoid destroying them. Using them without this extra protection only leads to fast wearing and tearing. They are also likely to fade away faster and become unattractive over time.

Outdoor rugs are mostly made from other materials, including sisal and jute, which can handle strong outdoor weather conditions. Additionally, the materials are extracted from plants, meaning they can withstand both sun and light. They are organic and sundried and maintain their shine for a long time, even when exposed to water elements. Thanks to their natural fiber, they can last long.

While it is true that all materials can be used for outdoor rugs, the best outdoor rugs need to have polypropylene which is perfect for all harsh weather conditions. v will work without a roof and can stay strong despite the strong sun and heavy rains. Moreover, they have an advantage over jute and sisal because polypropylene is also resistant to spillages and stains, a trait that is important for outdoor carpets since stains are inevitable.

Flatweave polypropylene rugs will look just like sisal and jute in appearance. Choose a  polypropylene rug if you are going for longevity more than style.

Cleaning Outdoor Rugs

Stains on your outdoor rugs are inevitable and expected. The harsh outdoor conditions expose your rugs to anything. It is important, therefore, to ensure that the rug is cleaned with a lot more ease. Choose a rug that is easy to wash as this will ensure it lasts long and does not wear out due to constant cleaning. How often you clean the outdoor rug depends on the area and dirt accumulation.

 Polypropylene and nylon rugs are easy to wash. You do not need harsh detergents with such rugs. Instead, use a high-powered hose to get stubborn stains out. Make sure always to clean these rugs manually.

There are lots of options to explore when it comes to outdoor rugs. Find what works for you.

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