Important Things to Remember while Cleaning Rugs

Rugs make up an important part of our interior. They enhance the aesthetics of our house with their beautiful designs and offer a soft surface to land your feet on. They are especially helpful during the cold winter months as they add up to the warmth and comfort of your home. 

Rugs are not a compulsory interior accessory but they surely serve a great purpose. However, all of this is only possible if you take good care of them. Rugs are made of some special fabrics and therefore, need a thorough cleaning. Let’s learn more about how to conduct a safe rug cleaning job at your home. 

Dos and Don’ts of Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning might seem an easy task where you can just use your vacuum cleaner to suck all the dirt and dust. This is a great process, but you still need to be careful about a few things. Vacuuming carelessly can damage your rug. Thus, there are a few dos and don’ts that you need to follow while cleaning the rug. 

  1. Dos of rug cleaning 

The dos of rug cleaning include: 

  • Vacuum your rug at least once or twice a month 
  • Use the upholstery attachment in your vacuum cleaner while cleaning thin, flimsy, and old rugs 
  • Vacuum the back side of the rug before vacuuming the front side 
  • Vacuum in the direction of the weft lines or the direction of the nap 
  1. Don’ts of rug cleaning 

These include: 

  • Do not use the beater bar of your vacuum until you are cleaning the back side of your rug 
  • Never vacuum against the nap of the rug 
  • Do not use an upright vacuum cleaner until the rug is about 3/8th of an inch in thickness 
  • Don’t vacuum the rug fringes, instead, clean them using a soft bristle brush 
  • Never vacuum the shag rugs as the shags can get tangled with the vacuum cleaner
  • Don’t vacuum tufted rugs aggressively

Rugs like shag rugs and tufted rugs need to be handled with care while vacuuming. Thus, it is better to leave the task up to professionals. You can always hire professional rug cleaners from The House of Rugs. We offer services in Houston and other parts of Texas. Contact us now to book an appointment. 

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