Identifying an Authentic Oriental Rug

Do you have an oriental rug in your home? If yes, then we know how beautiful it would be looking with all those amazing designs and colors. Oriental rugs are high-quality rugs with supreme designs. Some families might even have one of these as an heirloom as they have been in our culture for a long. 

Oriental rugs are quite different from the ordinary rugs you find in the market. These rugs excel in terms of quality, design, and color. The oriental rug laying in your house might also be an authentic one. Let’s know how you can make sure of that. 

How to Identify an Authentic Oriental Rug? 

There are many ways to differentiate an authentic oriental rug from its copies. You can refer to these ways to make sure that the rug you own is an original piece. 

  1. Check the back side of the rug 

An authentic oriental rug is hand woven and the design on the front can also be seen on the backside. If the design matches and appears slightly saturated, yours is an original piece. 

  1. Check for fringes 

A hand-woven oriental rug will have beautiful fringes on the ends. The same can be found on its copies too but a hand-woven fringe looks way different than a machine-woven fringe. Thus, if the fringes look attached, it is not an authentic piece. 

  1. Tags and stickers 

You are likely to find a tag or sticker on the back side of the rug. This tag tells you a lot about the rug and its authenticity. Here’s how you can interpret it: 

  • The country of origin can be Afghanistan, India, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Tibet, etc. 
  • The primary material to be found in an authentic piece is wool. 
  • The dye used in authentic rugs is mainly vegetable dye. 

Now that you have identified your rug as an original oriental piece, why don’t you learn a few ways to preserve it? 

  • Avoid wearing shoes on the rug 
  • Don’t over-vacuum the rug 
  • Avoid placing it in high-traffic areas 
  • Don’t use harsh cleaning agents 

The best way to preserve these pieces is by getting them cleaned professionally. For this, you can hire our services from The House of Rugs in Houston, Texas. Call us now to know more!

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