Houston rug trends of 2020

Predicting 2020’s Rug Trends

Foreseeing rug trends, much the same as any type of forecast, is always tricky. As we move to the end of 2019 and approaching 2020, it is a decent time to think back on the year past and the year ahead to check whether we can figure out what people will be needing the most in the coming year.

What did we see in rug trends 2019?

What sorts of floor coverings were not selling in 2019? Rug patterns in 2019 were very entrancing. While we despite everything saw solid costs for mid-century vintage rugs this previous year, they have not been selling as fast as in years past. This remains true for both Scandinavian rugs and Moroccan rugs, for which have seen a business volume decline this previous year. While these are a portion of our preferred rugs and are as yet lovely and excellent, they simply haven’t been seeing similar deals volume in 2019 as some other floor covering types. 

This new move in patterns is making antique floor coverings in vogue once more. What is even more astonishing is that we are seeing less of a desire in the USA for all over plan floor coverings than previously. Private purchasers and even interior decorators are progressively keen on finding delightful bits of craftsmanship than having a perfectly balanced interior plan. Already, customers and planners floated more toward these all over structure rugs so they didn’t need to stress over perfectly focusing on a medallion underneath a coffee table or ottoman. Presently, it appears customers are moving ceaselessly from that requirement for perfection and rather are looking for an artful piece that addresses them.

This new approach for placing more emphasis on getting a quality beautiful rug rather than getting just a decorative carpet is a reassuring sign that people in the USA are finally coming around to the mindset already common in the rest of the world. Now rugs and carpets are being viewed as more than just functional, utilitarian pieces. The USA is starting to take the rest.


Multicolored antique carpets, inspired by Islamic design, are back on trend now. Perfect to create accents in the space, they will immediately make your interior richer and colorful.

I selected this antique carpet with a rich red design and a big geometric pattern which looks perfect matched with plants, colorful cushions and terracotta details.


Rugs with a vintage and worn effect are another kind of popular rugs now and for all 2020. Here the damask historical pattern is made lighter thanks to a shabby look, making this rug very neutral yet still decorative. 

The rug I choose has a base color in beige with grey and cream accents, so it is very neutral and warm. It provides a soft decoration and can be perfect, for example, in a Scandinavian style interior, laid on a light wood floor and with light and white furniture, as the ones I have at home.


With the Biophilic design trend coming so strong recently, all designed patterns inspired by natural motifs and in natural colors become the perfect complement to choose now. Choose abstract natural patterns, nature-inspired colors such as beiges, greens and blues, together with soft and tactile fabrics.

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