Five of the Most Overlooked Things When You’re Cleaning Your Woodlands Home

Whenever we’re cleaning our home, it’s important to go through every space to ensure the utmost cleanliness of our personal spaces.

Now, while most of us tend to “deep clean” our home every once in a while, there are things that we can’t help but overlook. We’re not judging since these are things that might happen to every one of us – it’s normal, so there’s no need to fret.

Although it’s best to know what five of these most overlooked items are, we can keep an eye on them the next time we schedule our home’s regular cleaning.

So these are five of the most overlooked things when you’re cleaning your Woodlands home:

1. Keep an eye on your toothbrushes.

The first thing that most people overlook is their toothbrushes. Naturally, toothbrushes are meant to clean our teeth, and they’re meant to get rid of food particles in our mouths. For these reasons alone, they can harbor so many germs. So it’s best to soak your toothbrushes in 3% hydrogen peroxide for three minutes, then rinse.
Plus, don’t forget to switch out your toothbrushes every three months for healthier dental hygiene.

2. Try to sanitize your electronic devices as much as you can.

Another thing that we touch all the time but often overlook is none other than our electronic devices. It’s best to disinfect our electronic devices every night with a disinfectant wipe or spray and leave them visibly wet according to your disinfectant of choice’s label to ensure that you’re killing the germs on the surface.

3. Wash your pillows twice a year.

Sure, you’re always washing your sheets and your pillowcases, but when was the last time that you washed your pillows? It’s advisable to wash your pillows twice or more per year because they’re usually covered with dust, oil, dead skin, and so much grime that we can’t even see!

4. Your kitchen and bathroom counters need to be sanitized as well.

One of the places where bacteria thrive the best is in a warm and moist environment. This is why your kitchen and bathroom counters need to be sanitized as often as you can.

5. Take a look at your rugs and carpets.

Lastly, it’s best to vacuum your rugs and carpets every time you’re cleaning your home. It’s not enough to simply lift them to sweep underneath because these things are magnets for germs and bacteria, especially if you’re always stepping on them. So ensure their cleanliness by vacuuming regularly.

Here at The House of Rugs, we’re not only passionate about rugs, but your health and safety are also some of our top priorities.

So be sure to check on these five things on your next cleaning spree.

Visit us today at The House of Rugs to see our beautifully and thoughtfully curated rugs that can be perfect for your home. We cater to clients around Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, the Woodlands, and its neighboring areas.

We can’t wait to have you over!

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