Five of the Best Type of Rugs

Without even stating the obvious, rugs are one of the best flooring foundations that we can have for our home’s interior. Not only that, but it can help in combining different decor or items if you have an open floor plan.

Here at The House of Rugs, we know everything about rugs – this is why we’re always trying to impart our knowledge when it comes to these versatile yet impeccable statement pieces.

If you’re an avid rug collector or if you’re simply going for your first purchase, here are five of the best types of rugs that you can buy in Houston and the Woodlands, Texas:

1. Flatweave Rugs

Flatweave rugs can be made with a knot, and they’re quite similar to a hand-knotted Persian rug. Upon construction, a Persian knot is used in making these rugs, but instead of cutting the yarn after the second loop, an endless knot carries on until the rug is finished. This is quite a popular rug around the world.

2. Hand-Hooked Rugs

To create a hand-hooked rug, a cloth and rug hook foundation is required. Starting from the front of the fabric, a tool is pushed, which then grabs the yarn on its back and pulls it towards the front side of the rug. This whole process creates individual loops.

3. Hand-Tufted Rugs

When it comes to hand-tufted rugs, it’s started with a foundation cloth instead of starting with a warp and making wefts using a loom. Then this foundation cloth is usually a pre-woven fabric that contains small squares. Then, a tufting gun is used to create the desired design.

4. Hand-Loomed Rugs

A hand-loomed rug is constructed on a loom, hence its name. Plus, it’s a process that generally takes about 1 to 4 people, depending on the size of the rug that they want to create. It’s also this process where yarn is thrown in the middle of the bottom and top warp of the loom, then the rug is compacted with a beater and is woven together.

5. Hand-Knotted Rugs

Lastly, hand-knotted rugs are generally just traditional Persian rugs. This is the most expensive out of all these rug types.

Here at The House of Rugs, you can inspect and view some of the best rugs that we have. After all, we aim to educate each Texan regarding the beauty, quality, and impact that each rug can have in one’s home.

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