Easy and Proper Ways to Take Care of Your Area Rugs

Proper Care of Your Area Oriental Rug is hassle-free.

What else can I do to prevent my rug from getting stained?

Of course, there are a couple of simple things you can do to prevent your rug from getting dirty. One simple thing is that you should try not to eat or drink on your beautiful rug; this obviously will reduce spills and potential food stains. Another simple thing to do is to simply remove your shoes when you enter your home, so you don’t bring in dirt from outside or probably just put on some slippers or socks. Also, ensure you vacuum your rug occasionally. While proper care for your rug will be helpful, it can’t be compared to a professional rug cleaning.

Should I vacuum my area rugs occasionally?

In almost all cases, you should ensure your rugs are vacuumed on a regular basis; doing this will prevent dirt from hiding deep into the pile and causing further wear. While doing this, you should also be cautious with the brush in the vacuum head, as some can actually cause damage to specific specialty rugs if it’s vigorously used. During your weekly vacuuming regimen, use the nozzle instead of rolling the vacuum over it.

What should I do if I spill something, get pet urine, wine stains, or maybe food stains on it?

It’s always advisable to clean the spills as soon as possible using paper towels or a white cloth. The first thing to do is to blot the area and make sure you contain it as much as possible. To carry out this process, begin the blotting from the spill’s outer edges and move in towards the middle; this will prevent it from spreading.

Should I ever turn or rotate my rug?

Yes, it’s 100% recommended. If your rug is facing direct sunlight every day, it will surely fade with time, especially if it is an antique rug or has dyes that are natural. If possible, you should invest in drapes or possibly move the rug to another area of the room that has less direct sunlight. Even after the reduction of the sunlight, you should turn the rug 180 degrees once annually. This will prevent uneven sun damage and also uneven wear from walking.

Is there an easy way to tell if my rug has moth damage?

When you notice signs of moth damage on your rug, you’ll see signs of bare spots in the rug, where the larvae have already eaten the delicate wool fibers. If it is a bad infestation, there is a very fine, thin web covering in specific areas of the rug. Additionally, there might be waste particles that look like tiny sand granules in the rug’s pile.

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