Easy and Proper Ways To Take Care of Your Area Rugs In Katy, TX

It’s quite natural for you to have several questions about how to properly and easily take care of your area rugs. After all, rugs are an essential component of your house, pulling everything together and giving you a cozy, warm feeling. That’s why our experts at The Rug House in Katy, TX have tried answering some of your most-asked questions. So, let’s get started!

What can I do to prevent my rug from getting dirty in the first place?

It is indeed possible to prevent your clothes from becoming soiled by following a few simple steps. To avoid accidental spills and stains, try not to eat or drink on your beautiful rug. This will obviously keep your rug clean and prevent food stains. One way to avoid tracking outside dirt into your house is to remove your shoes as soon as you enter your home, or perhaps just wear socks or slippers. Vacuum your rug regularly to keep it in good condition. However, a regular professional rug cleaning by my company is not a substitute for proper care for your rug.

What is the recommended frequency of vacuuming for area rugs?

Generally speaking, you should vacuum your rug regularly to prevent dirt from going deep into it and causing further wear. Nevertheless, you should also be very careful with your vacuum brush, as some can actually harm specialty rugs if they’re overused. During your weekly vacuuming routine, be sure to use the nozzle instead of rolling the vacuum over it. Near the fringe, where the vacuum could “eat” the fringe, we need to be especially cautious. However, if this does happen, it can be fixed.

How often should I rotate my rug?

If you place your rug in direct sunlight, especially a natural dye rug or an antique rug, it will fade over time. In limited daylight areas, you should consider relocating the rug to another part of the room. Indirect sunlight, you should consider drapes. The rug should be rotated 180 degrees once every year, even after the reduction of sunlight. A great way to prevent uneven sun damage, especially after walking for a long period of time. By rotating your rug or turning it around frequently, you can even out the usual wear on the rug.

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