Cowhide Rug Care and Maintenance’s Guide

A cowhide rug can be an incredible addition to any home stylistic layout, but just like any of the other materials in your home, they do require a specific degree of care and maintenance. Whether you are using a cowhide rug to give your room southwestern flair or just to provide warmth and style to your favorite parlor, you will eventually need to care for this rug. While many people avoid buying a cowhide rug because they are worried about the fact that they are so difficult to care for, the fact is that these rugs are relatively easy to maintain. Here’s what you need to know:

Cleaning Your Cowhide Rug

Much the same as the cow that your rug originated from initially, cowhides are naturally resistant to stain and are very strong. It is critical to note, however, that since they are in fact cowhide, any excess water may be hazardous and could damage the backing of your rug, making it loosen up of its typical shape. For regular cleaning, a vacuum is generally the best tool. Your rug is going to pick up dirt and residue as you stroll across it. A speedy once done with a vacuum can assist with expelling the dirt that is deposited there.

If you would prefer not to use a vacuum on your hide, a good option is to pick up the rug, go outdoors, and shake it vigorously. This should loosen and get rid of any debris that has clung to the rug. Many owners of cowhide floor coverings are worried that their rugs are beginning to develop smells. If this is so with your floor covering, you should use a powder that contains deodorizers. If you sprinkle this onto your rug, let it sit for the recommended time on the canister, and afterward use a vacuum to suck it, you’ll see those smells evaporate.

Sometimes your rug will need more advanced cleaning, beyond simply removing everyday dirt and dust. If there is a spill on your rug that could potentially stain it, it is important to act quickly. Even though these rugs are resistant to staining, if you just let the liquid sit on the rug, it will become more and more difficult to fix over time. For small stains, the best course of action is to use a little water.

For a food stain, the process is largely the same. Start by scraping up any of the excess debris from the rug. Try to minimize spreading the stain as much as possible, while removing all of the solid particles from the fibers of your rug. It is important that you scrape with the grain of the hair, as scraping against it could damage the hairs. Then, use the same method as you would use for getting rid of liquid stains, using a gentle soap or shampoo, followed by a clean, damp rug to get rid of any leftover residue.

Grease stains may appear the hardest to get out, and they may be the reason for you following something over the floor covering or dropping food. The most significant activity is to not granulate the oil stain into the floor covering, as this will just make it progressively hard to dispose of. When you notice the stain, apply a soggy, foamy fabric to the region. Utilize a cleanser that is explicitly intended to separate oil. Give it a light rub, and afterward line it up with a spotless, moist cloth. In the event that the stain perseveres, you may have a go at utilizing something like eucalyptus oil to help lift the oil stain away, flushing the carpet again when you are finished. In the event that you are as yet managing a stain toward the finish of the entirety of this, you should employ an expert rug service that has experience managing cowhide floor coverings.

Storing Your Rug

If you occasionally need to store your rug, you would prefer just not to overlay it up and push it in a storage room. Rather, you should move it, avoiding creasing the rug as best you can. Then, place it somewhere cool and dry, where it will not be influenced by daylight. If you can put it in a box, this is the best way to store your rug. Except if you are moving and need to take your rug outside of the house and they are going to roll it back out again, do not store it in plastic. A plastic pack can shield it from the weather and from the dangers of moving, but it could also damage your rug.

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