Consequences of Missing Out on Rug Cleaning

Area rugs surely do enhance the appearance of your homes or commercial spaces. They bring in a sense of coziness with elegant designs and colors. However, an area rug only looks beautiful if it is maintained well. This means you need to clean the rug regularly. 

However, not all days are the same. Sometimes you might miss out on rug cleaning. Missing the cleaning schedule once may not make a big difference, but ignoring the cleaning at all might be noticeable. 

Consequences of Keeping Rugs Dirty

Dirty rugs not only look unpleasant but brings along several other issues such as: 

  • Bleeding dyes 

The designs with different colors blend or simply fade away due to improper or no cleaning at all. 

  • Shorter life of the rug

Rugs fiber wears out with use and this damage is more severe when the rugs aren’t cleaned properly. This can shorten the life of the rug. 

  • Harmful chemicals enter your home 

Leaving the rug dirty for a long is going to need deep cleaning. This process is going to use chemicals that might not be safe for you. Thus, leaving rugs dirty can be harmful. 

  • Permanent stains 

Certain stains can be removed when fresh. However, they become permanent if allowed to stand. Therefore, timely cleaning can keep such stains away. 

  • Permanent odors 

Some odors also stick to the rug which is impossible to remove without cleaning. Smelly rugs are tough to be around. Hence, get the rugs cleaned on time. 

  • Moisture gathered on the rug 

Moisture can cause major damage to rugs like mold formation. Thus, to keep the rugs safe, get them steam cleaned regularly. 

Finding Professional Rug Cleaners 

Rug cleaning requires professional intervention and for that, you need to hire the right agency. But how will you find one? You can use these tips to find the right professional rug cleaner: 

  • Choose the one that offers the right price, neither too low, nor too high 
  • Ask for references from friends and family 
  • Consider the potential company’s experience 
  • Go to a licensed company only 

Keeping these points in mind, we have a perfect option for you-The House of Rugs. We are experienced and professional rug cleaners serving in Houston and other parts of Texas. Contact us now for more details.

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