Cleaning the Rug After Pet Accidents

No matter how trained your dog or cat is, accidents can still happen. They can accidentally pee or poop anywhere in the house or even vomit if they are sick. Sometimes, the situation can be worse if the accident involves your rug. 

You might be red with anger at first to see your pet spoiling the rug. After all, it was an expensive rug with your favorite design. But as a pet parent and a rug owner, you should not worry much as the stains and odor can be removed easily. All you need to do is follow certain dos and don’ts. 

Cleaning the Rug After Accidents  

Starting with what you should do, follow these dos to save your rug: 

  1. Flush the area with warm water and a clean sponge
  2. Dab the colored using a paper towel to see if the dyes are safe 
  3. Use a lot of water to sponge on the front and back of the rug 
  4. Use a shop vacuum cleaner to suck out all water and residue
  5. Repeat the process until the water you suck is free of stains and odor 
  6. Allow the rug to dry by hanging it on a fence or a clothesline 
  7. You can even dry it under the fan 

After the list of dos, follows a list of things you should not do. The don’ts include: 

  1. Never apply any commercial spot removers or carpet-cleaning products 
  2. Never use any harsh cleaning agents or chemicals 
  3. If hiring professional cleaners, make sure they use mild and rug-friendly cleaning agents 

Cleaning the rug using harsh chemicals and cleaning agents can lead it to spoil and discolor. Certain chemicals can even tear the threads of the rug, making it look torn and old. They can also lead the dyes to fade away or mix. This will spoil the entire design of the rug. Thus, to avoid the hassle of cleaning, you can always hire professional rug cleaners. 

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