Choosing the Perfect Rug for your Homes

You must have beautifully decorated your living room but do you know what’s still missing? An area rug! 

Yes, an area rug is a perfect element to enhance the beauty of your living room. It adds up to the beauty of the space by merging with all the other decorative items you have. Moreover, area rugs with ethnic designs also give an antique and classic touch to the room. But for this to come true, you need to select the rug wisely. 

We at The House of Rugs can help you with that. Follow this blog and let us choose a beautiful rug for your home. 

Selecting the Perfect Rug 

Here are some ways you can implement while selecting a rug for your home

  1. Material of the rug 

Before selecting a rug, you need to consider the material of the rug. This selection depends on the area where you are going to place it. If the area is a living room, it is sure to get more footfall as compared to others. Thus, the rug needs to be made of a durable material like wool or wool blend. 

  1. Members in your house 

Your family members or home occupants also play a role while selecting the rug. For example, if you have someone with partial or reduced mobility, you need to select a low-pile rug. These avoid tripping over and are also good for children to roam around. It is better to have a simple and more durable rug with small children in the house. 

  1. Seating area arrangement 

If your living room is square-shaped, you can have a square rug. This can change according to the shape and space of your living room. You also need to consider the placement of furniture pieces. If you want the legs to be on the rug, select a bigger rug and a center rug if the legs will be on the floor. You can also customize a rug if you wish to have a unique shape. 
Similarly, you can choose the color and designs as per the look of your living room. For more help, you can always consult our professionals at The House of Rugs in Houston, Texas. Contact us now for more details.

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