Choosing the Best Hallway Runners for your Houston, TX Home

It is never easy choosing the ideal hallway runway. This requires a lot of thinking since you have to factor in many things, including size, color, patterns, and material. However, this may be the thing you need to do to achieve the right color and warmth in the space without making any major permanent changes. So how does one make this choice when there s so much to consider?

This is where experts from The Rug House come in to help. You will probably;y learn the following tips if you visit their Houston, TX store or contact them for more inquiries.

Consider Your Fiber Choice

Not all fibers are ideal for the hallway. Therefore, you need to consider fiber material when choosing a runner for the hallway. The ideal fibers for this pace are:

Wool: This is perfect because it is soft and long-lasting. The natural fiber is also resistant to smell and stains, so you never have to worry about foul odors. The only downside is that you may have to deal with shedding, which can eventually lead to unevenness on the wool.

Jute: This is a great choice for your hallway as they are soft and long-lasting. It is a great choice because it can also withstand the high traffic on hallways without deteriorating. It is a great choice for those going with bohemian styles/ designs.

Polypropylene: This synthetic fiber is very durable and easy to maintain. It can also withstand the high traffic in the hallway and will not shed, thus perfect for this space. 

A Persian carpet will do if you are looking for something more high-end and luxurious. These are often hand woven and strong because of the individually made knots. They also tend to be resistant to wear and tear. You may choose this for your hallway if the purpose is to achieve certain aesthetics, such as matching the decor or other accessories. It is also possible to have a hallway runner rug to protect the floors. Even in this case, you want it to be beautiful.

Consider Dimensions

You also choose runners for hallways based on size and dimensions. Know the exact measurements for your hallway before selecting the hallway runner. Choose a runner that leaves a few cms on each end of the width. The length should be as you prefer.

Consider the Style and Aesthetics

Choose a rug that complements the hallway’s aesthetics. Patterned and brightly colored walls need a simple and plain rug to contrast. Play around with your theme and make sure they are pleasant to look at.

Explore with your hallway rug. You can choose to go minimal and opt for monochrome themes. This will bring a breath of fresh air into the space. However, you are not limited to this since the space should make you happy. Go for what you love.


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